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Catechism Class
Catechism class for our 7th and 8th grade students is held Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. from the Wednesday after Labor Day (September 5, 2018) to the third Wednesday in May (May 15, 2019).  Confirmation is the third Sunday in May (May 19, 2019) or as scheduled to accommodate other family events.

Homework will consist of a worksheet almost every week, and memorizing the chief part of the Catechism that we’re studying. Bible passages will be assigned when we study some of the lessons more than one week; some of the longer sections (like the explanations for the Apostles’ Creed) will be broken up over several weeks.

Every student should have a copy of the “blue Catechism” and bring it to class every week. Hand-me-downs from older siblings are fine. A folder for class notes will also be useful. We use the NIV Bible. It’s good for students to have their own so they can get familiar with looking up passages in the same book. If students’ book bags get too heavy to carry all day, they may bring just the Catechism; we have extra Bibles at church.

Regular attendance at worship and Sunday School is also expected. The Sunday School course of Bible History makes the Catechism easier to learn. Parents are encouraged to attend the adult Bible Class Sunday mornings.

If you run into a schedule conflict that makes attendance difficult for several weeks in a row, we could use a workbook or worksheets for parents to teach at home. Let Pastor know if you need to make that kind of arrangement.

We will not automatically cancel class whenever there’s no school. In case of bad weather please call, if I don’t call you first. We shouldn’t always need to cancel class if school is cancelled; the weather might clear up and roads might be plowed by the afternoon.

We will not have class on the following Wednesdays:
    November 21: Thanksgiving break
    December 26 & January 2: Christmas/New Year break
    March 28: Easter break

Please let Pastor know about class trips or other school events as soon as you find out about them; we can cancel class for those events if enough of our students are going to be absent the same day. We could also think about a Catechism Class trip, perhaps on a Saturday or Sunday in spring, or during a school vacation. A combination of Synod sites (Luther Prep School in Watertown, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Northwestern Publishing House in Milwaukee) and a Bucks or Brewers game would be very enjoyable.

For confirmation gifts we recommend the Concordia Self-Study Bible or a similar study Bible from Northwestern Publishing House. Another traditional confirmation gift is a personal copy of our hymnal, Christian Worship, so that each student becomes a communicant member with the three basic books every Lutheran home should have: a Bible, a catechism, and a hymnal.
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