Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Stratford, Wisconsin
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With thanks to God for the opportunity to gather for worship in His house, and with respect for His representatives in our government, we will follow health guidelines to the best of our ability.

Statewide Mask Mandate:  While it is in effect we will follow the latest mandate to the best of our ability. Everyone over 5 years old is asked to wear a mask, except for those with health conditions for which a mask would be hazardous. No documentation is required for those exceptions; we are trusted to be conscientious and honest. Specific exemptions allow Pastor to conduct the service without wearing a mask, as long as he is at least six feet away from the congregation. He will wear a mask to distribute communion; we are allowed to remove our masks to receive the sacrament.

Hand sanitizer and facial tissue are available throughout our building. Please try to touch as few surfaces as possible. 

We have plenty of seating.  Please spread out comfortably. You are welcome to sit in the Fellowship Hall.

Our Offering Plate will be on a stand in the entryway. We will not pass it through the pews. Ushers will bring it forward for placement on God’s altar at the usual point in the service. If you didn’t have the opportunity to place your offering in the plate before the service, you may take it to the counters in our Fellowship Hall after the service.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you think of any other guidelines, please tell Pastor or a church council member.

A Door Offering will be gathered for our Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society the first Sundays (and preceding Thursday evenings) of August, September, and October. We may not be able to have a traditional Fall Rally in October, but we’ll still be able to support our missions.

Women’s Bible Study meets Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. We will read and discuss In God’s Orchard: Cultivating the Fruit of a Spirit-Filled Life.  Drawing from St. Paul’s “fruits of the spirit” in Galatians 6:22-23, six women authors from our synod have provided a guide to how God nurtures these fruits in our lives: how our sinful nature impacts them, how Jesus fulfilled them perfectly for us, and how they blossom in the light of His Gospel. Each of the nine lessons provides discussion and application questions with room for notes. If you’d like to join, please tell Pastor to order a copy of the book.

Shirley’s House of Hope will celebrate its 10th Anniversary within an open house on Thursday, August 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Wildwood Park Pavilion. RSVP by August 13th to Tammy at 715-305-4531.

Organization of WELS Lutheran Seniors:  Our local OWLS group will resume our monthly meetings later this fall if possible.

AED: Thanks to our Ladies’ Aid for obtaining an Automated External Defibrillator, a reconditioned unit made available by the Marshfield Fire Department. Training will be arranged as soon as possible.

Northland Lutheran High School Debt Reduction:  God's people have been incredibly generous and met the 12/31/19 goal of $465,000. We are also pressing forward toward our next goal: $788,000 in total debt reduction by 12/31/20. Currently, we are at $588,781. On this course, the 40% debt-reduction will be reached by December 2022; the entire debt will be gone by December 2032. Please continue to ask the Lord how you can be part of this important work in securing Christ-centered education at Northland now and well into the future. 

Visit the Northland Lutheran High School Pride Pump to earn 2 cents/ gallon for Northland Lutheran High. It’s located at the R-Store Cedar Creek BP, 10201 Park Plaza, Rothschild, next to Culver’s. is inviting anyone in the Association to participate in a planning session the morning of Saturday, January 19, from 8:00 to 11:30. We pray the discussions and actions that stem from that day drive five-year plans to greater reach our mission and vision. 

Dime & Dollar Thrift Shop is an important source of support for Northland Lutheran High. Volunteers are needed; please call Jamie at 715-849-4168. Dime & Dollar has two locations: 211 Alexander St. in Wausau, and 3268 Church St. in Stevens Point.

Handicap Parking:  Each of the two signs at the front of our carport is intended to reserve two spaces, for the four handicap spaces required by law. Please leave those spaces for vehicles with official handicap plates or cards. It would be frustrating for those who need them to find them blocked by non-handicap vehicles.
   If you would like to park close to the building, please do so along the north side, where the exterior door to the Fellowship Hall will be unlocked. Or ask one of our ushers to park your car for you.
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